ZYMVOL inaugurates new offices in Barcelona and Boston


ZYMVOL inaugurates new offices in Barcelona and Boston

We’re still not halfway through 2022, but at ZYMVOL we’ve already gone through many changes, worked on some new innovative projects and experienced lots and lots of growth. 

This reality has become especially apparent regarding our physical workspace: with new additions to the team, student secondments and our eyes set on expanding through new markets, we needed to explore (and finally settle in) new locations.

From incubated startup to established deeptech company

After almost 3 years located in the MediaTic Building, at the heart of Barcelona’s 22@ district, our ZYMVOL headquarters have now moved to Pau Claris 94, right at the city center. The new offices are just 5 minutes away from the Passeig de Gracia metro station and from Plaça Catalunya. 

“Despite having many of our team members working remote or hybrid, we still wanted to choose a space that we could feel comfortable in and would be of easy access to those who might not live nearby, with good connections by train”.
Ena Bhalla, Admin Manager at ZYMVOL


Most importantly, this change of offices marks a new chapter for our company. We’ve gone from being an incubated start-up at Barcelona Activa’s Incubator, in the MediaTic Building, to fully-fledged deeptech company of 5 years, able to stand on its own.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Barcelona Activa, who kindly accommodated us in their incubator for high-impact tech startups, and who have played a key role in helping us grow into the company we now are.

Boston, a hub for R&D companies

For our second location, we travelled all the way across the Atlantic. After giving our first steps towards the North American market in early 2021, we can now say we’ve officially established ourselves in CIC-One Broadway, in Cambridge, MA, happy to continue bringing on enzyme innovation to the US market.

Dennis Hutchison, President of ZYMVOL Inc, will be the main responsible of the North American office. In March 2021, Dennis joined the team with the goal of helping ZYMVOL create and implement its strategy to enter the US market.


“In the last year, ZYMVOL has proven that it can undertake challenging projects, with successful results, while continually enhancing its technology to remain at the fore-front of innovation. I’m very excited to be part of this expansion, and eager to provide new solutions to our clients”.
Dennis Hutchison, President, Zymvol Inc.


ZYMVOL’s expansion through the US market comes as a natural response to its recent growth as a company. It has gone from being an only service-based company to also developing its own set of products (e.g. Alcohol dehydrogenases, Peroxygenases), as well as updating its ZYMEVOLVER technology to include new features and fine-tune its properties.

While the need for greener chemical processes keeps rising around the world, ZYMVOL’s computational enzyme discovery and engineering technology has proven to be a powerful ally in providing industrial biocatalysts that are both effective and sustainable.


“We believe the US market holds a lot of opportunities for new computational enzyme design & discovery campaigns, with its high number of life sciences, biotech, and overall research-focused companies. It’s an amazing opportunity and we’re looking forward to making the most of it”.
Maria Fátima Lucas, CEO and co-founder at ZYMVOL