Beyond the lab

Computing and business skills for science students


Beyond the lab

Computing and business skills for science students

Stuck in a rut?

You may be studying science, but having second thoughts about spending your days in the laboratory, devoting yourself to research. The truth is, there’s life beyond the lab!

Re-write your future

Join us for a week of conferences specifically planned to upgrade your scientific profile. Learn the business and computing skills that the job market is looking for.

What will you gain from this course?

Computation tools applied to science

Business and marketing skills

Case-studies from experienced professionals

Networking sessions

Course Details

Start: 20 February, 2023
End: 24 February, 2023
Schedule: 9.30 – 18.00h
Modality: On-site
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Price: 1.500 €*
Places available: 25**
Organized by:
– Zymvol Biomodeling
– B-LigZymes
– BioInspireSensing

Deadline to apply: 31 January, 2023

Download the programme

(!) If you’re a BioInspireSensing student, please download this alternative programme:

BioInspireSensing Programme

*Includes hotel, meals and activities.

** Please note that places are limited and will be assigned in a first come, first served basis.

About Zymvol

ZYMVOL BIOMODELING is a privately funded company specialized in computational enzyme engineering. The company has customers in +10 countries and is actively engaged in highly innovative R&D projects.

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About B-LigZymes

B-LigZymes is an international, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral H2020 RISE project that directly addresses current limitations in lignin degradation.

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About BioInspireSensing

BioInspireSensing is a trans-national training network inaugurated to train PhD students in investigating, building, and producing a new generation of bioinspired implantable sensors.

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Meet the speakers

Dr. Gudrun Gygli

Life Science Consultant & Polyglot Communicator at Wega Informatics AG

About Gudrun

Gudrun builds the bridge between business and IT to ensure that scientists can do their best, state-of-the-art research with high-quality data. She has a background as an expert biochemist with 8+ years’ experience using state-of-the-art computational & experimental technologies. She is also a data enthusiast with 4+ years’ experience ensuring quality & reproducibility of data and experiments through data visualization & programming using Python.

Joan Cortés

Associate professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at IQS School of Engineering and Innovation Expert at Bee and Butterfly Consulting

About Joan

After starting his career in the world of education and in public administration, Joan went on to manage business development in an IT firm. Since 2007 he has helped established companies (Nestlè, Suez, Total, SEAT, Technip and more) define their innovation systems, develop their projects and make their Sci&Tech professionals become fluent in the language of business. He is also an investor in three medical devices companies and an advisor in multiple startups and corporate projects.

Dr. Ezequiel Juritz Davies

Chief technology officer (CTO) at Enantis

About Ezequiel

Ezequiel has a PhD in Biotechnology from National University of Quilmes and a vast expertise in protein design, drug discovery and innovation-driven business development. He is professor of Bioinformatics at the National Technological University of Buenos Aires. At Enantis he is in charge of protein engineering services, software licenses and identification of new targets for the internal product pipeline.

Dr. Oscar Ahumada

CEO of Mecwins

About Oscar

Oscar has successfully developed biomedical devices from proof of concept at low TRLs to commercial stage and has experience in starting up new technological companies. In the last years, he has executed growth strategies for Mecwins, focused on the commercialization of new licensed nanotechnologies for diverse industries (life sciences, instrumentation and medical diagnosis), mainly in the US, and opening new markets in Asia, Brazil and Europe.

Cyril Cerveau


About Cyril

Cyril is CEO, in charge of Sales & Marketing, and HR. He has a Master's degree in cell and physiological biology and a Master's degree in innovation management. With 10 years of marketing and sales experience, he has managed the development of 2 companies as co-founder (4Dcell/cell biology and BforCure/Molecular biology), and conducted numerous marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical groups. He is also a trainer in people management.

Ouisseme Hsine

Life Science Consultant & Data Scientist at Wega Informatics AG

About Ouisseme

Ouisseme is Msc Graduate in 'In Silico Drug Design', interested in Chemoinformatics, Analysis of small molecules and biological interactions' systems, modelling, and drug design. Currently she is Life Science Consultant/Data Scientist at Wega Infomatics AG

Giuseppe Cavallo

Brand Strategist

About Giuseppe

Giuseppe is a brand strategist with +30 years of experience in management and strategic consulting. He has held positions at Colgate Palmolive and Nissan, where he led the European marketing team of a division and developed the top-selling Qashqai. With his consulting agency Voxpopuli, he has contributed to radical changes in brand communication and brand strategy in different market. He's the director of ESADE's brand strategy online program. In 2020 he published his second book "Speak with the heart: Storytelling for Leaders and Brands in times of change".

Cristina Ubach

Director at Ubach Munné

About Cristina

Cristina has a consolidated professional experience of more than 12 years accompanying companies at different stages of their development in two areas: search and management of public funding for business growth projects; management of R&D projects in consortium.

Rosa Abadie

Head of IP&IT at BELLAVISTA & Head of Legal at Zymvol Biomodeling SL.

About Rosa

Lawyer with a double specialty in Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology (IT).

Brian Jimenez

Senior Researcher at Zymvol Biomodeling SL.

About Brian

Brian is one of the expert developers working at Zymvol. He is currently leading researcher of the project iDEA-PS: Inhibition of Detergent Enzymes Advanced Prediction Software.

Lur Alonso

Senior Researcher at Zymvol Biomodeling SL.

About Lur

Lur is a scientist with broad experience in computational optimization of industrial enzymatic processes

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Acknowledgements & Funding:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No.824017


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No.955643