ZYMVOL lands €1.3M in its first seed funding to catalyze the widespread use of industrial enzymes


ZYMVOL lands €1.3M in its first seed funding to catalyze the widespread use of industrial enzymes

With the support of leading tech and deep tech VC firm Elaia Partners, we now plan to scale our business and grow the team, while boosting our current enzyme portfolio.

Since 2017, ZYMVOL has grown into an established player in the computational enzyme discovery and design field.

We’ve participated in over 80 projects with global clients and engaged in active collaborations with key agents from the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, like multinational Archer Daniels Midland.

We’ve also built a team of +20 and have opened offices both in Barcelona and Boston.

But now, it’s time to reach further.

Led by VC firm Elaia Partners, we are glad to announce that we have raised our first Seed funding of €1.3M.

Elaia is a European top-tier VC firm with a strong tech DNA.

It has a track record of backing tech disruptors with global ambition from early stage to growth development and for the past 20 years, it’s committed to deliver high performance with values.

With their support, we are now ready to take the next steps: from scaling the business, increasing our workforce and inaugurating a new lab space at the Barcelona Science Park, to maximizing the potential of our own portfolio of enzymes, with applications in areas such as sustainable material production and degradation, as well as creating better ingredients for food and cosmetics.

“Computational enzyme design is an industry changer with a vast array of applications in sectors like pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. With Zymvol, we are proud to back experts in enzyme engineering that can deliver across multiple sectors which face challenges such as: accelerating drug production, recycling polymers or need to consume drastically less water and energy”.

Sébastien Lefebvre, Partner at Elaia

In Silico Enzyme Engineering is here to stay

Compared with traditional, lab-only methods, we’re capable of producing better results in half the time – and at a fraction of the cost.

This is all thanks to our proprietary software, which uses computer simulations to mimic the conditions of the protein in nature, produce millions of in silico enzyme variants and test in the lab only what matters.

Furthermore, at ZYMVOL we are also able to discover enzymes for a target reaction without prior knowledge.

This means opening the door to potential projects that know which target chemical reaction they want to achieve, but don’t know there might be an enzyme for it.

The future is green (and made of enzymes!)

According to Grand View Research, the global enzyme market was worth $11.47 billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow at 6.5% (CAGR) from 2022 to 2030.

It’s no wonder that with the increasing need to maintain competitiveness and comply with sustainability standards, more companies are looking for the right enzyme to help them produce better products.

Applying a biocatalyst to an industrial process can eliminate -or decrease significantly- the need for toxic chemicals. And since it can operate at mild conditions, they can work at lower temperatures and pressure, which leads to energy savings.

“Biocatalysts have proven to be an effective solution in reducing emissions and harmful chemicals in industrial production, but it is still under-used due to the complexity of its implementation. With ZYMVOL, we strive to make enzymes accessible to everyone, so green chemistry becomes the new norm”.

Maria Fátima Lucas, CEO and co-founder at ZYMVOL

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