Pierre Monsan joins ZYMVOL as independent board member

On Tuesday, May 9th, Pierre Monsan, CEO-CSO of Cell-Easy, officially joined ZYMVOL as an independent board member. With this new addition, our company adds one extra seat to its current board, which until now was composed by Maria Fátima Lucas (CEO), Edouard Rozan (CRO), and Sébastien Lefebvre (Elaia Partner).

Thanks to his extensive experience in biocatalysis, Monsan will help ZYMVOL in many fronts, from better defining the company’s strategy for the future, to also playing a key role in the development of our own enzyme products.

“We’re very happy to be able to count with such an experienced member on our team. Not only does he have an impeccable background, he has also demonstrated to be a true visionary of his time; betting on biotech when it was not a popular field as it is today”.

Maria Fátima Lucas, CEO at Zymvol

Indeed, Monsan started his professorship in the Department of Biochemical Engineering at the National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA), University of Toulouse, more than 50 years ago, where he currently holds emeritus status.

But for many, he is better known as one of the founders of Toulouse White Biotech (TWB), a public-private consortium for R&D in the field of industrial biotechnology. For 7 years, he served as its director, where he led the development of over 180 R&D projects, signed industrial contracts worth almost €40m, and increased their consortium to 50 members.

Most recently, in 2019, he stepped down from his position at TWB to follow a new path: becoming CEO-CSO of Cell-Easy, a pioneering CDMO supporting ATMP developers bridging discovery to clinical study success. 

However, this is just a quick snapshot of his entire professional journey.

Along the way, Monsan has authored more than 250 scientific publications, 3 books and 65 Patents; has been involved in the founding of several start-up companies; and has become a member of several scientific societies.

At ZYMVOL, we’re delighted to count from now on with Pierre Monsan’s support as an independent board member.

With his help, we’re one step closer to making better performing enzymes available to everyone.

Welcome to the team, Pierre!