We combine our team’s know-howwith proprietary technology todeliver better biocatalysts

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ZYMVOL assists industries with biocatalyst discovery and optimization through computer-driven innovation.

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Innovation only becomes possible when multidisciplinary teams work together.

Meet the team

ZYMVOL BIOMODELING SL is a biotech company based in Barcelona, Spain, and specialized in the design, development and application of molecular modeling software to enzyme discovery and optimization.

Founded in 2017 by the 3 co-founders and still privately owned, the company has grown into a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized experts with a strong track record in successful enzyme engineering, discovery and development. Today, we work with clients from 10 different countries worldwide and have successfully run a wide variety of industrial projects.

ZYMVOL is deeply embedded in the international scientific community and actively participates in various top tier research projects.

ZYMVOL’s goal is to make high-performing enzymes accessible to any company in need of biocatalysts. Our clients include companies in sectors such as Chemical, Pharma, Food & Beverage, Biotech service providers, Generics, Flavor & Fragrances and Animal Feed.

ZYMVOL is founded in Barcelona, Spain.

May 2017

ZYMEVOLVER1.0 is launched to provide custom enzyme design

October 2017

ZYMVOL reaches breakeven.

December 2018

B-LigZymes Grant (3,9M€)

February 2019

NEOTEC Grant (200k€) and SMARTBOX Grant (970k€)


May 2019

SME Phase II Grant (1.3M€)

October 2019

ZYMVOL's first proprietary enzyme

February 2020

European Commission awards Maria Fátima Lucas with Women Innovators Prize

September 2020


Maria F. Lucas, PhD

Co-founder & Chief
Executive Officer

Doctorate in Computational Chemistry and over 20 years of experience in protein science

Mona Costelloe, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Extensive scientific and strategic business development experience at Galapagos, Charles River Laboratories, BioClinica, Synco Biopartners and IMIHGOM

Dennis Hutchison, JD

President ZYMVOL Inc.

Business development and marketing executive with extensive experience in commercialization strategies

Edouard Rozan

Chief Revenue Officer

Innovation Executive with +25 years experience creating new business in global companies as well as founding startups

Ena Bhalla

Project Manager

Masters Degree in Human Resources & Finance with over 15 years of experience in recruitment and operations management

Rosa Abadie

Head of Legal

Masters Degree in International, Intellectual Property and Information Technologies Law with +15 years of experience in practice

Jesús Seco, PhD

BMM Product Manager

One of the main designers of our enzyme search platform (BMM) and an expert in identifying enzymes for unnatural reactions

Marina Cañellas, PhD

ZYV Product Manager

Expert in enzyme design with particular emphasis to polymer degradation/production

Andrea Martínez Bernardini, PhD

Marketing & Business Strategy

Doctorate in Biotechnology with 10 years of experience in research and management

Valeria González

Brand & Communications Specialist

Journalism Graduate specialized in Corporate Communications

Ryoji Takahashi, PhD

Senior Researcher

Scientist with +10 years of experience specialized in machine learning applied to enzyme engineering

Ferran Sancho Jodar, PhD

Senior Researcher

One of the expert developers of our enzyme design platform and related machine learning algorithms

Lur Alonso, PhD

Senior Researcher

Scientist with broad experience in computational optimization of industrial enzymatic processes

Brian Jimenez, PhD

Senior Researcher

One of the expert developers and leading researcher of the project iDEA-PS: Inhibition of Detergent Enzymes Advanced Prediction Software

Ana Mafalda Martins, PhD

Research Software Developer

Experienced researcher responsible for consolidating and supporting current projects, as well as developing new software

Nicholus Bhattacharjee

Postdoc Fellow

ACCIO Tecniospring INDUSTRY and MSCA Postdoc Fellow under the framework of the ENZIMMO-P project

Mahdi Hassankalhori

PhD Fellow

MSCA PhD Fellow under the framework of the BioInspireSensing Project

Iñaki Bedoya

Back-End Software Developer

Ana Lozano

Content Creator in Science Communication

A company that catalyzes change

At ZYMVOL we’re making better performing enzymes accessible to everyone.

Through , we strive to become the leading company for biotech innovation.

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