IDEA-PS Project Presentation

Collaboration with CYGYC BIOCON on identification of sustainable enzyme inhibitors for detergent formulations.

Launch of ZYMEVOLVER 2.0

ZYMVOL releases ZYMEVOLVER 2.0, a new generation of enzyme engineering software.

Zymvol and Aminoverse Collaboration

ZYMVOL and AMINOVERSE team up to develop custom-made alcohol dehydrogenases.

Winners | EU Prize for Women Innovators

Maria Fátima Lucas, CEO of ZYMVOL, wins EU Prize for Women Innovators.

NEOTEC Funding

CDTI awards ZYMVOL Biomodeling with NEOTEC funding (200.500€)

SME2 Funding

European Commission awards ZYMVOL Biomodeling with H2020 SME Instrument Phase II (1,3 M€)