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EnzymeSearch (ES)

Identify the best enzymes for your needs with BIOMATCHMAKER®

We use a combination of bioinformatics and 3D molecular modeling to identify your best target enzymes in the shortest possible time.

In SilicoDesign (ISD)

Improve your enzyme with ZYMEVOLVER

Our multiscale protocol mimics natural directed evolution by combining bioinformatics, molecular modelling and quantum computing to custom design your enzyme, in less than 1 month.


Diagnosis & Lab

We use our diagnostic tools to analyze the potential of your enzyme campaigns and rescue dead-end projects.

Samples of enzymes identified in any Enzyme Search or In Silico Design campaign are delivered to the client for in-house validation.


Find new enzymes and improve them, all in one!

Includes improvement taking into account both active site and long-range positions; physical, ready-to-test in industrial setting enzymes; and shortened timelines due to seamless workflow.

Enzymes tailored to your specific requirements


We can increase reaction rates by 30-700% in a single round of evolution testing 10-90 enzyme variants


We design a highly complementary active site so your enzyme is selective only to your target substrate, particularly useful if you’re looking for asymmetric synthesis.


We can increase or reduce specificity to target new substrates of interest for your preferred enzyme.

Thermal &pH Stability

We improve temperature and pH stability profiles to make your biocatalytic processes more robust.

Tolerance tocomplex matrices

We improve enzyme stability in water/organic solutions and enzyme tolerance to complex matrices like detergents.

Our Products


Alcohol dehydrogenases


Alcohol Dehydrogenases (ADHs) (E.C. 1.1.1.x; x = 1 or 2, ADHs) are enzymes that perform the interconversion of alcohols and aldehydes/ketones reaction. They are widely used in the biocatalytic industry to reduce ketones into chiral alcohols.
Our new ZA-ADHs are wild type enzymes that are active on the desired substrates. Candidates have been carefully selected among millions of variants by our in silico technology ZYMEVOLVER.


Conversion of ketone/aldehyde to alcohol
Conversion of alcohol to ketone/aldehyde
Chiral resolution of alcohol racemate
Production of desired chiral alcohol
Removal of undesired alcohol from reaction mix


The ZA-ADH Kit is for research use only, not for diagnostic or commercial use. All enzymes contained in the ZA-ADH Kit are property of Zymvol and Aminoverse, available for commercial licensing.

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