Enzymes in Pharmaceutical Industry

Reduce enzyme discovery and optimization development times by 50% for your API and/other compounds manufacturing. Find out how ZYMVOL can help you identify enzymes for novel biochemical transformations and custom-optimize enzymes for your requirements!

Implementation of enzymes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The application of enzymes in the pharmaceutical industry has long been used in the manufacturing of API’s and other compounds. Thanks to their high specificity and affinity, enzymes are a valuable asset in creating new, effective drugs. 

What benefits can you expect?

  • Improved eco-efficiency

  • Lower operating costs

  • Low fixed-cost infrastructure

  • Use of alternative raw materials

  • Synthesis of products not accessible by chemical synthesis

  • The possibility to implement enzyme cascades

When can ZYMVOL help?

In early steps that require chemical synthesis. We are aware that time and efficiency in these stages are critical, that’s why we pay close attention to it.

Within the Drug Development workflow, ZYMVOL can participate by finding or improving enzymes that catalyze the chemical synthesis steps during Discovery research and Preclinical development stages. 

Thanks to our Enzyme Search technology, we can develop in record-time the enzyme needed to perform the target chemical synthesis.

Some reactions enzymes can do are:

BUT enzymes are able to do many more, including acting with non-natural substrates!

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A solution for every need

At ZYMVOL we combine bioinformatics and molecular modeling to accelerate Enzyme Discovery and Design. Our services include:

Enzyme Search (ES)

Find your enzymes

Identify the best enzymes for your needs in the shortest possible time with our BIOMATCHMAKER® tool. Only up to 10 wild type enzymes have to be tested!

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In Silico Design (ISD)

Improve your enzyme

Further improve your desired enzyme to obtain tailored properties. Our ZYMEVOLVER software combines sequence- and physics-oriented tools, to identify the most beneficial mutations.

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Specialty Enzymes

Choose a ready-to-use enzyme

Benefit from our off-the-shelf specialty enzymes. This enzyme selection has been developed using our cutting-edge technology and is suitable for different chemical reactions.

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A letter from our CEO

At ZYMVOL we have a long track record of protein engineering applied to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our CEO, Maria Fátima Lucas, explains how ZYMVOL can help you obtain better performing enzymes.

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