Expanding our enzyme search platform [CASE STUDY]


Expanding our enzyme search platform

BIOMATCHMAKER® (BMM), our proprietary enzyme search software, was first designed as a minimal viable product (MVP) to explore the enzymatic landscape of several alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH), with the aim to identify novel ADHs enzymes able to convert industrially relevant alcohol to corresponding ketones/aldehydes.

However, other relevant industrial processes requiring more complex and sophisticated enzymatic mechanisms remained elusive to our algorithm.

Would we be able to conduct an optimization of the BMM algorithm for it to work with any enzyme family, regardless of the complexity of their reaction? Moreover, would we be able to apply the BMM optimized version to discover new enzymes and expand the company’s pipeline?

To delimit the problem, we focused our efforts into…

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    Obtaining Improved Enzyme Variants without Structural Data [CASE STUDY]


    How we obtained improved variants of an enzyme (through in silico modeling) without structural data

    In August 2020 we started a collaboration with a customer from the Biotech sector who wanted to increase the activity and specificity of an enzyme for a target substrate.

    However, we were facing an outstanding situation. Our customer’s project enzyme had:

    • No known crystal structure
    • Very few known sequences similar to the wild-type, hindering the use of sequence-based tools
    • Unavailability of appropriate templates to build a good quality homology model

    When we met with our customer, they had already performed…

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