Bioinformatics and molecular modeling to accelerate Enzyme Discovery and Design

Need a new biocatalyst?

Our Enzyme Search platform accurately identifies enzymes by high-throughput virtual screening and 3D modeling

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Need a better enzyme?

In Silico Design quickly optimizes your enzyme through physics-based computer simulations

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Working with ZYMVOL means

Less development time

In silico evolution reduces enzyme discovery & optimization times by 50%

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Reduced lab work

Replace up to 90% of experimental tests with accurate computer simulations

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Less risk

Precise simulations yield success rates of over 75% in enzyme discovery & design campaigns

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Advantages of working with  ZYMVOL


Enzymes that fit your exact needs and give you a competitive edge

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Reliable prediction of project outcomes before going into the lab saves you time and money

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We leverage our team’s know-how to achieve successful results and bring dead-end projects back to life

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Customer-friendlyIP schemes

We offer tiered IP packages, right up to complete “freedom to operate.”

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Data Security

Our clients demand the highest levels of data security. That’s why all data and processes are protected using industry best standards

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Completeservice packages

A one-stop shop solution to enzyme design and engineering.

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We provide customized solutionsto different industries


Accelerate biocatalytic route discovery

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Immediate access to cutting-edge technology

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Increase success rates by building smart libraries

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Join the green chemistry revolution with custom-designed industrial enzymes